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Oh how i miss hearing this on the front page.

It may only be a 9 second loop but i tell you what that it's the greatest song that was less that 10 seconds long ever made,when i first started coming to Newgrounds i was fascinated by this theme on the front page and all the little Zelda chickens running around it just had a charm to it that no other could match and everytime i go to Newgrounds i always think of this epic 9 second loop,a true masterpiece this is.

grat song

This was a nice minute and a half worth of music,i loved the beat and the other sounds went very well with each other,great stuff man.

greta song

This was a fun song to listen to,everything sounded great and i enjoyed it very much man. =)

great job

This was a great remix of the Sonic & Knuckles theme,it was peaceful and mellow to listen to and i loved the techno style it had to it,overall i enjoyed it very much. =)

one of the best techno songs in the portal

This was nearly 7 minutes of greatness,the techno was awesome and i loved the different paces it had throughout the song plus some hard rock thrown in there,overall it was an awesome song and you should be very proud of yourself for creating such a great song.

a good quiclke

I like the clicking sound in the background and for a quick 1 minute remix to the Eggman theme it was pretty good,nice job.

great mix

This was a fantastic 4 minute song,i wouldn't think someone would create a remix to the credits theme from Street Fighter Alpha 2 but you did a really great job on it,it had a mellow feel to it on a consistent pace and overall it sounded really nice and i enjoyed it very much.


amazing i really liked it just the simplycity of the instruments make it awesome ...yay first vote

DiMono responds:

Personally, I love the injured person vocals. They're so comical, and I actually built the rest of the song around them.

Glad you like it!

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