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i liked it

This theme from Megaman X wasn't my favorite but it was one to remember and you did a great job remixing it up,i loved the jamming guitar along with a little bit of trance and drum & bass so it was a great mixture of instruments and overall i enjoyed this remix very much.

not bad

Though it was a quick remix being it was a minute song it was good while it lasted though i figured it would have sounded a little harder than that but from what i got out of it it was a nice listen and stayed true to the original theme with the beat.

b0b3rt responds:

Oh man this is old.. sorry I didn't notice this before =P


This was an awesome remake to the Ice Cap theme from Sonic 3,it was really rocking with the basses and the drums plus a lot of other instruments as well it all added up to a song i could listen to over & over again,great job.

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot. Appreciate everything and your ear. :)


This was a swell remix to the Megaman 7 intro theme,i loved the background bubbling music and the trance style it had was great too,i kind of wished it was a little longer but overall it was good for as long as it lasted.


I would have never thought the Air Man theme from Megaman 2 would have lyrics but to my surprise here it is and it was great,the lryics were creative and went very well with the remixed theme of Air Man so overall everything fit into place to make a great song.

jamming theme here

This does sound like one hell of a theme for a final battle on an RPG game with the rock theme with a side of classical to go with it,glad to see it was original as well and not just a remix from another song so kudos for that and overall it was a great song to listen to.


This was a peaceful song to listen to,i loved the soothing melody it had and i could kick back and listen to this over and over while relaxing,nice job.

Thank you

I am so happy that you made this outstanding remix of my favorite song on Donkey Kong Country 2 in "Bramble Scramble",it had great build up for the first minute & 30 seconds and then it sounded very sweet throughout the rest of the way with the high pitched noise going with the background theme it all fit very well and you my good sir deserve a 10 for this great remix you made.

brkzeld responds:

why thank you


I never would have thought a Numa Numa remix would have been done Game Boy style but it sounded very good and went along with the traditional beat of the original but with some added sound effects that went very well with the song,overall i enjoyed this little remix of yours very much.

Good & simple"

This was a nice little remix but nothing too special about it cause it sounded more like an upgraded song of the Megaman 3 title screen so not too much originality there but overall it a good song to listen to it just lacked creativity in my opinion.

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