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I've been waiting this for a long time and you guys didnt disappointed me

very annoying

nice game you really could get me pissed of this is hard as fuck the only bad thing is that the death sequence is way too long!


this game is such a epic win


one of the best mods of doom great game and awesome work on modifying doom everything is this game is so perfect you definitely deserve a trophy


this makes me remember when i played god of war and donkey kong awesome work!

This game is amazing. But it could be improved on

I only have a few minor complaints and suggestions about this game:
-The farmers and the Duelists sound a little too alike at times. Even you admit that the sound is a key part of the game and it sucks when accidentally throw a spear instead of shielding because I hear someone shout "DIE!" because I think it's a farmer only to get mowed down by a duelist.
->I noticed there is a bit of a lag when achievements are awarded and after blocking something with your shield even when playing on low quality and on a relatively new computer. However, I've only had this adversely affect my run once, and get a perverse satisfaction from being informed about how many hoplites and farmers I've killed in the middle of a run. The only reason I brought this up was it might be something you want to look into if you plan on making a sequel with more features.
->I would also like it if you added a small map of the level so I could see how far away I am from finishing a level. I know it might take away from the stunning graphics of the game, but it would be extremely helpful for me to know whether I needed to speed up or slow down in order to finish a run quickly enough to get awarded SP for it (trying to get through level 4 while going full speed the whole way in order to make sure that you finish in under 3:00 is really hard)
->Make it so that survival mode is measured by distanced travelled rather than by time taken. Going faster makes the game harder, and it seems only fair that we should be awarded based on the difficulty of a task rather than how long we lasted before screwing up.
->Maybe make a practice mode where the user could chose which enemies they would encounter so we can practice on certain enemies we are having difficulty with. (for me it's finding enough time to spear those damn farmers after blocking a duelist and I'm sure I'd get better at it if I could run through a course where I'd only have to encounter peasants and duelists)

The reason this game is so fantastic is that it manages to be hard as hell without being unfair. Sure you may have a run or two were lag or closely placed obstacles may make it nearly impossible to have survived, but usually you die because you made a mistake and you genuinely deserve to die for it. That is why this game is so addictive and fun. It's not fun when you die because the game is being unfair, but it know that you can avoid dying the next time if you just remember that you have to go over the Hoplite and not through it, or remember not to panic and jump into a tree branch like a dumbass when you hear someone shout "DIE SLAVE". You have created a game that manages to be addictive while still being ridiculously fun the entire time.

In short: Addictive Gameplay, Great Graphics, Surprisingly good voice acting and a solid story all come together to create a game that will most definitely be a nominee for next years Tank awards.


is that chuck norris or indiana jones


this is my kind of game is just like upgrade complete i love upgrade games this one is fantastic music is awesome 10/10 5/5 for you

nice game

Good Concept, gets rather annoying with wall jumping on every level later, mess up once, and you're usually dead, music does get repetitive.

A black hole for time

One of my favourite puzzle games I've come across for a while. Gets very tricky in the later levels but still manages to keep you hooked.

If you like puzzles, pixel graphics, the primary colours of light and gravity, this is the game for you.

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