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this game is awesome i dont know why people complain about os awesome i love upgrade games goign to my fav!

Very nice

I found this game extremely fun and challenging.
I LOVE the simplistic gameplay and the (sometime pretty extreme) challenges.
I played this demo with great excitement and I'm really looking forward to the full version.
10/10 for just the demo.

best megaman game clone ever

you are invincible!!!!!!!!!!!! i was always getting frusturated over losing on the original game but sucking but still winning rules!best megaman game clone ever!!!


It is a simple, but addictive game, the graphics were stunning, the ambiance was well made and the music you choose suited the game well. You have the capebility of making a simple concept to a amazing gaming experience. Since this game is so simple and well executed in the same time, there isn't much left to improve on. The only thing I can say is: well done!
9/10 4/5


The challenge makes it all the more appealing to me.

but the blocky appearance of buildings and background through the scope made distinguishing certain background features from enemies along with the hiders sticking their heads out for about half a second and hiding again for 8 seconds made finding some of them a bit of a chore. I'm still working on the last person on level 3.


I could've given you a 10, though its really annoying to not know which level are you in, or whether or not is it endless !!! Nevertheless you can't submit high score ... which was really frustrating !!!!


1th in the world and i wasn't even paying attention.

great game though. but piece placement had to be exact. decent pictures, although 3 & 4 were very similar, and both really annoying xD

great job :D

neat game

It was pretty interesting with the launching of yourself to move thing and the song went really well with it,the control was great but it was hard to manuever if you we're on the bottom level cause there was such narrow space between the actual game and the ad on the bottom but it's all good was still a pretty cool game.

fun game

Though a lot of it other then the character design was pretty bland like the scoring layout and the dance system it was still pretty catchy and a decent game,i love the character designs though and the dances they do pretty funny.


about fucking time ive been waiting this game a logn time still waiting for teh medals and yes my grammar sucks ass

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